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Geen tastingmenu deze keer. We proeven “blind”.

Tijdens deze on-line tasting, volgens het beproefde principe, proeven we minimaal acht, jawel 8 !, single malts uit Schotland. Schots en Single malt zijn een vast gegeven: geen valstrikken, geen misleidingen. Acht samples geven ons de mogelijkheid om zeer breed te graven in het beschikbare arsenaal aan Schotse malts. Voorzie dus wel genoeg tijd. Het kan zijn tijd duren.

Voor elke whisky krijg je een invulformuliertje met telkens dezelfde basisvragen: Leeftijd, %vol, streek, vattype, … Geen gokvragen als de distillery of de versienaam. Het wordt dus meer dan ooit een interactief gebeuren. Ook iets dat vooral plezant moet zijn. Geen hersenbrekerij waar je hoofdpijn van krijgt.

Hoewel het competitieaspect dus zeker niet de hoofdzaak is voorzien we wel een attentie voor de beste proevers.

Super Whisky Tasting - Virtual Proeverij - Online | The Whisky House, Affligem

SUPER III Tasting: Great Grains

In this super tastings a selection seven top quality whiskies will be sampled.

Receive our SUPER III Pack, and your ZOOM invitation.

Aimed mainly at the experienced whisky lover who is looking for that little extra.

Druma Mòr - Whisky Single Malt | The Whisky House, Affligem


Distilled at Glen Garioch Distillery

Vintage 2008 - Bottled 2019 - 11 years old - Cask number 3105 – one of only 324 bottles

Bottled at cask strength 58.9%vol - non-chill filtered – natural colour

Taster Pack - Whisky | The Whisky House, Affligem

  • All-in prices 
    - Transaction fees and transportation fees are included. (exceptions depending on destination)
    - Shipment with a destination within Belgium has no additional cost. 
    - For shipment to neighboring countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, and France) you need to select the additional fee of €9,90, otherwise order will be cancelled.
    - Shipment to other countries is not yet supported, please write to us for a custom delivery (
  • Packs and Tastings
    - You get access to a written introduction to whisky tasting and the tasting notes of the whisky.
    - The content of your pack will be a 2cL sample of each of the whiskies announced.

  • Virtual Tastings
    - Your target date can always be moved to a next time slot due to unforeseen conditions.
    - Tastings zullen begeleid worden in het Nederlands. Tastings will be guided in Dutch. We could switch to English, only if possible for all attendees or move to a dedicated time slot for other languages.

  • Bottles
    - Bottles of 70cl (DRUMA MÒR) can be added to your shopping cart.
    - Ask us for custom shipment of other bottles not yet announced.

  • Shipment
    - We can only confirm shipment within Belgium automatically.
    - Please, ask in advance for shipment to other countries. 
    - We will have to calculate an additional cost for shipment to other countries.

Important: All bottles used for our tastings will be opened for that purpose and are of the highest possible standard. NO bottles with inferior fill levels or leftovers from previous tastings or whisky festivals will be used. All bottles will be tasted prior to filling in order to avoid samples with off-notes or cork taste.


Taste some basic but original Single Malt Whiskies at home in your own time. Our tasting pack provides one malt from the four main regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside and Islay. Carefully selected for their merits as an individual whisky but also as a typical representative of their region. The content of your pack will be a surprise. The selected malts are “The Malts of the Moment”.

Aimed at the more novice whisky taster.

+ Bonus Dram: Druma Mòr - Glen Garioch