The Whisky House

A treasure House of Fine Cask-Strength and Vintage Whiskies

About The Whisky House

The Whisky House has the appropriate water of life (Uisce Beatha - Aqua vitae) for everyone that fancies whisky.

The Whisky House is not a traditional shop, but a cultural and culinary whisky centre where everyone is welcome.

Assestraat 11, 1790 Affligem (Essene)
Open on Saturdays (10am - 6pm)


The Whisky House can provide a whisky tasting for every occasion and for each party/company. Tastings are possible in our whisky basement or at any other location. We deliver our customers always a tailor-made solution.

In our basement
(The Whisky House Underground)

Form a group and immerse in the world of Single Malt Whisky. Foreknowledge is not mandatory. All explanation will be given, therefore a tasting usually takes more than 2 hours. Tastings can be organised every day (except Sundays) and every moment.
Budget is variable starting from 25 euros per person. This amount includes the cost for glasses, water and tasting notes. Tastings with a higher budget, with more exclusive malts, are of course also possible.
During the tasting no food is allowed. On request we can serve some small bites and adapted appetizers afterwards.

Standard tasting
At least 6 whiskies are tasted.
Minimum amount of participants: 8
Maximum amount of participants: 20
Starting from 25 euros per person

Starting from 30 euros per person
Special requests can be discussed.

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Your location

Tastings at the place of your choice are always customized to your needs. Therefore there are no limits concerning the amount of participants.

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Opening hours

We are open on Saturdays from 10am until 6pm for private customers. Samples are available to guide your purchase. Professional clients can make an appointment on the following number +32 485 66 04 30 (or +32 2582 71 36). It is possible to pay by means of MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Eurocard.